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AKG P3 S Mic- High-Performance Dynamic Microphone with on/Off Switch


Brand AKG
Connectivity Technology XLR
Connector Type XLR Connector
Colour Black
Included Components Microphone 1, MANUAL 1, CABLE 1
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Introducing the Perception P3 S, a dynamic microphone that takes your backing vocals and guitar performances to the next level. Here’s why it’s the perfect choice for you:

🎤 High-Performance Dynamic Microphone: Our Perception P3 S is specifically designed to deliver outstanding performance for backing vocals and guitar. Whether you’re harmonizing with the lead vocalist or strumming your guitar, this microphone will capture your sound with clarity and precision.

🔊 Cardioid Polar Pattern: Say goodbye to unwanted background noise and feedback. The P3 S features a cardioid polar pattern, which means it picks up sound from the front while minimizing sound from the sides and rear. You can focus on your performance without worrying about interference or distractions.

💪 Sturdy Metal Case and Wire-Mesh Grille: We understand the importance of durability, especially for on-the-go musicians. That’s why the Perception P3 S boasts a sturdy metal case and a wire-mesh grille, providing exceptional ruggedness. It can withstand the demands of live performances and frequent use, ensuring it remains reliable and intact.

🔇 Convenient On/Off Switch: Enjoy seamless control over your microphone with the built-in on/off switch. The switch allows for noiseless muting, giving you the freedom to control when your microphone is active without any unwanted noise or distractions. It’s a convenient feature for live performances or studio recordings.

Experience the reliable performance and user-friendly design of the Perception P3 S. Whether you’re a vocalist providing backing harmonies or a guitarist strumming along, this microphone is tailored to enhance your sound and provide exceptional clarity. Get ready to showcase your talent with confidence and let your voice and guitar shine!