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GRENARO Wireless Mic with Charging Case, Noise Reduction Lapel Mic for Type C Android & iPhone (Dual Channel Universal Version)


Model Name J13
Connector Type 2.4GHz
Connector Type USB Type-C
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Introducing the Grenaro Wireless Mic, a versatile and user-friendly audio solution. When you receive the microphone, it is important to remove the protective partition located at the charging port. This partition safeguards the port against dust and debris. Once removed, you can easily connect the microphone to the charging case and begin charging.

With your purchase of the Grenaro wireless microphone, you will benefit from a one-year warranty and access to our consultation service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your microphone, you can return it to us. To help you navigate its features and operation, a comprehensive user manual is included. Should you have any questions or concerns, you can refer to the manual or reach out to our dedicated customer service team at any time.

The Grenaro wireless microphone incorporates advanced DSP intelligent noise reduction technology, offering three levels of noise reduction. This ensures professional-quality audio with full-band CD clarity. Depending on your environment, you can easily adjust the level of noise reduction. Whether you are in a quiet indoor setting or a noisy outdoor environment, this microphone supports real-time mixing of background music and human voice, reducing the need for extensive post-processing in videos.

Featuring rechargeable batteries, the Grenaro wireless lavalier microphone provides an extended working time of up to 8 hours after a quick 1-2 hours of charging. With a remarkable transmission distance of approximately 65 feet, you can enjoy the freedom to move around while recording or taking videos. Thanks to the real-time auto-sync technology and a transmission delay of only 0.009 seconds, you can avoid power-related issues and ensure clear recordings even at greater distances.

Designed for convenience, the Grenaro wireless lavalier microphone offers 360° omnidirectional sound reception and a plug-and-play functionality. With no need for additional apps or Bluetooth, simply plug the transmitter into your device, and it will automatically pair and connect. This microphone guarantees fast and reliable operation, regardless of the surrounding environment, capturing every detail with its high-sensitivity microphone.

The Grenaro wireless mic is compatible with iOS and Android devices that have a Type-C port. For iOS devices, an included Type-C to Lightning Adapter enables seamless connection with iPhone/iPad. Additionally, Android smartphones and tablets with Type-C or USB C ports (supporting OTG function) can utilize this microphone. Please note that devices with Micro USB ports are not compatible.

In the event that the wireless microphone does not function properly with your normal camera or device, it may be due to recent software updates. In such cases, we recommend using a different app for audio recording. Simply download the Open Camera app from the Play Store on your mobile phone and follow the instructions provided. This alternative approach will allow you to select the external mic as the audio source.

Please take note of the following: For Oppo, Vivo, iQOO, and Realme brand mobile phones, if the connection is unsuccessful, please go to settings and enable OTG power supply. Additionally, some Android devices may require third-party video shooting apps to utilize their own cameras for audio recording. If you encounter any difficulties in connecting or using the microphone, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are here to assist you.