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Maxcart MX High Compact Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone – (330 Feet) (UHF400)


Brand Maxcart MX
Connector Infrared
Compatible Devices Television, Radio, Karaoke Machine, Speaker
Included Components Battery
Item Weight 3000 Grams
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The Wireless Professional Microphone is a versatile and reliable microphone system designed for karaoke and PA applications. It operates in the UHF band frequency, ensuring clear and interference-free audio transmission. With its dual wireless microphone system, it allows for simultaneous use of two microphones, perfect for duets or multiple presenters.

One of the standout features of this microphone system is its impressive coverage range. It can cover distances of up to 100 feet between the receiver and the microphone, providing freedom of movement and flexibility during performances or presentations.

Both the transmitter and the receiver are equipped with easy-to-read displays, allowing for convenient monitoring and control of the microphone system. The transmitter’s display provides essential information such as battery status and signal strength, while the receiver’s display shows separate LCD channels for easy channel selection and adjustment.

Whether you’re hosting a karaoke night, conducting a presentation, or performing on stage, the Wireless Professional Microphone offers reliable and high-quality audio transmission. Its wireless functionality and long-range capabilities provide flexibility and convenience, while the clear displays on both the transmitter and receiver ensure quick and easy monitoring of the microphone system.

In summary, the Wireless Professional Microphone is a UHF band frequency dual wireless microphone system ideal for karaoke and PA applications. It offers a coverage range of up to 100 feet, allowing for freedom of movement during performances. The displays on the transmitter and receiver provide important information and channel selection options. With this microphone system, you can enjoy wireless convenience and reliable audio transmission for your karaoke sessions or professional presentations.