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SONATA GOLD Wireless mic Lavalier Plug & Play Microphone S-111 Lapel Mic System for YouTube & Other Social Media Platform


Connector Type Bluetooth, USB
Connector Type USB
Compatible Devices Laptop, Radio, Smartphone
Colour Gold

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Introducing the Sonata Gold S-111 plug-and-play microphone, the perfect solution for hassle-free audio recording. With Sonata Gold, there’s no need for additional apps, Bluetooth, or WiFi connections. Simply plug it in and start recording.

Experience the freedom of a wide reception range with Sonata Gold. With a remarkable 50-meter accessible reception, you can confidently move around while maintaining a stable and precise radio connection. Say goodbye to limitations and capture high-quality audio wherever you go.

Enjoy seamless compatibility with all smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops. Sonata Gold S-111 is designed to work effortlessly with a wide range of devices, ensuring you can use it with your preferred device without any compatibility issues.

With Sonata Gold, you can elevate your audio recording experience and achieve professional-level results.