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Digitek wireless mic test: Digitek Mic DWM-001 Wireless Mic Review

Digitek wireless mic review: In this review, we will explore the features and functionality of a portable Digitek DWM-001 Wireless Mic designed specifically for use with mobile phones. This Digitek DWM-001 Wireless Mic offers convenience and versatility for users who require high-quality audio recording on the go. We will delve into its design, compatibility, usability, and battery life to provide a thorough assessment.

Digitek DWM-001 Wireless Mic Design and Compatibility

The portable microphone boasts a sleek design that seamlessly integrates with mobile phones. It features a Type-C jack that can be effortlessly inserted into the Type-C port of most mobile phones. However, iPhone users will require a Type-C to Lighting adapter for compatibility. The microphone’s compatibility with different phone models ensures wider accessibility for users.

Pairing and Indicator Lights

When pairing the microphone with the transmitter, the receiver indicator emits red and blue lights alternately. Once paired, the red light remains illuminated, indicating successful synchronization. This intuitive system simplifies the setup process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

Microphone Controls

The microphone incorporates user-friendly controls that enhance functionality. With a long press of the button, the microphone can be easily turned on or off. Additionally, a short press allows for convenient muting or unmuting of the microphone. When muted, the microphone’s indicator lights flash red and blue alternately, while the red light remains steady when paired and functional.

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Digitek Wireless Mic Battery Life and Charging

Equipped with a built-in 50mAh Li-poly battery, this portable Digitek DWM-001 Wireless Mic offers up to 4 hours of continuous operation. Charging the device is a breeze, as it can be conveniently connected to a power source using a USB cable. Users can utilize an AC adapter or a power bank (not included) for charging purposes. The flexibility in charging options ensures uninterrupted usage even during long recording sessions.

Digitek DWM-001 Wireless Mic Performance

To ensure seamless compatibility with your phone, it is imperative to check the microphone’s compatibility and enable the microphone setting. Alternatively, users can opt to install a third-party Open Camera App from the Play Store. This additional measure guarantees proper functioning of the microphone, providing peace of mind to users.

Digitek wireless mic video review


In conclusion, the portable microphone for mobile phones offers a reliable and efficient solution for users in need of high-quality audio recording capabilities. Its sleek design, compatibility with various phone models, user-friendly controls, extended battery life, and easy charging options make it a valuable accessory. By following simple steps to ensure compatibility and utilizing third-party camera apps if necessary, users can unleash the full potential of this portable microphone, enhancing their mobile recording experience.

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