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MMAK Wireless Mic with Charging Case, Noise Reduction Modes Collar Microphone for Video Recording, YouTube, Facebook, Live Stream, Compatible for Type C Android & iPhone


Brand MMAK
Model Name MK13 Single Microphone
Connector Type Bluetooth
Connector Type USB Type-C
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Introducing our convenient and user-friendly Plug & Play Microphone. With this technology, there’s no need for Bluetooth or WiFi connections. The package includes a microphone and a receiver with an ISO port. Simply clip the microphone onto your collar and plug the receiver into your device. They will automatically connect, allowing you to start recording right away. This microphone is perfect for various applications, such as YouTube/Facebook live broadcasts, TikTok, vlogs, blogs, podcasts, Zoom meetings, interviews, and video recording. Please ensure that you enable the OTG function in your mobile settings for the microphone to work properly.

Experience the freedom of movement with a remarkable 20-meter/65-foot connection range. Our wireless microphone uses a stable 2.4GHz connection, surpassing the reliability of Bluetooth microphones. The built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone captures sound from all directions, offering 360° wide-range recording. With this feature, you won’t miss any crucial audio, ensuring comprehensive coverage without any dead ends.

To enhance audio quality, the microphone incorporates advanced intelligent noise reduction technology. Choose from three different noise reduction levels based on your environment. This enables you to achieve professional-grade audio in any setting. Additionally, real-time monitoring is possible by connecting your earphones to the microphone using the provided connector (included in the box). This way, you can listen to the recorded content on the go and minimize the chances of failure.

Enjoy extended recording sessions with the built-in rechargeable batteries, providing up to 60 hours of battery life with the case and up to 7 hours on a single charge. Charging the microphone takes approximately 1-2 hours. With a 20-meter signal coverage and a transmission delay of just 0.009 seconds, you can record or take videos at a further distance without worrying about power issues or compromising audio quality.

The receiver is equipped with a Type-C connector, which is compatible with almost every mobile phone that supports OTG function. Additionally, it comes with a Lightning connector for iOS devices. This wide compatibility ensures that the microphone can be used with smartphones and tablets featuring either Type-C or Lightning ports.

Please note that in some mobile phones, the microphone may not work with the default camera app. In such cases, we recommend downloading a third-party app called Open Camera from the Play Store. Follow these instructions to ensure proper functionality: 1) Open the app and access the settings within the app. 2) Navigate to video settings. 3) Click on audio source and select “External mic” from the options.

With our Plug & Play Microphone, you can easily achieve high-quality recordings without the hassle of complicated setups or connectivity issues. Enjoy seamless audio capture for all your recording needs.