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Outdoor Furry Windscreen Dead Cat for Lapel Lavaliere Mic, Sunkizzrs Wind Muff Windscreen Microphone Windscreen


Enhance your audio recording experience with Sunkizzrs® Wind Muff Windscreen Microphone Windscreen. This pack includes two outdoor furry windscreens, available in black and grey, designed to minimize wind noise and safeguard your lapel lavaliere microphone from scratches. Crafted from high-quality artificial fur, the windscreen features fine and smooth fibers that effectively reduce unwanted noise, ensuring crystal-clear audio.

The elastic cord ensures easy and secure attachment to microphones with a 1cm diameter. With a remarkable 87% positive rating from over 200 customers and 500+ recent orders, Sunkizzrs® stands as the #1 Best Seller in Microphone Windscreens. Don’t miss out on the 73% discount, bringing the price down to just ₹345.


Elevate your audio recording game with the Sunkizzrs® Wind Muff Windscreen Microphone Windscreen, a must-have accessory for lapel lavaliere microphones. This package includes two outdoor furry windscreens in both black and grey, meticulously crafted from high-quality artificial fur.

Engineered to combat wind noise and protect your microphone from scratches, these windscreens offer a seamless solution for outdoor recording enthusiasts. The fine and smooth fur composition effectively reduces unwanted noise, ensuring that your recordings are crisp and clear even in challenging conditions. The elastic cord design facilitates easy and secure attachment, accommodating microphones with a 1cm diameter.

This product has garnered a noteworthy reputation, achieving a 3.9 out of 5-star rating from 243 customers, making it the #1 Best Seller in Microphone Windscreens. The overwhelmingly positive feedback reflects an 87% satisfaction rate from over 200 customers, attesting to the product’s effectiveness and quality. With an impressive track record of 500+ recent orders, Sunkizzrs® has been a trusted brand on Amazon for over 4 years. Take advantage of the current offer, featuring a generous 73% discount that brings the price down to an affordable ₹345. Upgrade your audio setup and capture professional-grade recordings with the Sunkizzrs® Wind Muff Windscreen Microphone Windscreen.