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Unveiling the Changes: Google Podcasts Discontinuation [Check steps to Migrate]

If you’re an avid podcast consumer utilizing Google Podcasts, brace yourself for a seismic shift. Google recently dropped a bombshell, revealing that its podcast app is set for discontinuation, leaving users in a predicament. Effective mid-2024, not only will the app be shelved, but the migration of your cherished shows and episodes to another platform will be rendered impossible.

The Migration Conundrum

For users grappling with the prospect of starting anew on a different app and painstakingly re-adding shows and episodes, the time to take proactive measures is now. Fortunately, Google offers a lifeline – a relatively seamless migration to YouTube Music. This alleviates the stress of manual data transfer, ensuring a smoother transition.

  • Data Migration Options:
    • Migrate to YouTube Music.
    • Export data for use in a third-party app.

Navigating the Transition: A Step-by-Step Guide

Google Podcasts Sunset Timeline

As of now, the discontinuation primarily impacts users within the United States. September marked Google’s initial announcement of the impending demise of Google Podcasts, citing a strategic shift towards Podcasts in YouTube Music. A significant revelation surfaced, indicating that YouTube is the preferred podcast service for approximately 23% of weekly podcast users in the US, overshadowing Google Podcasts at a mere 4%.

  • Key Date: April 2, 2024 – Google Podcasts ceases to play new episodes.
  • Grace Period: Users have until July 2024 to migrate to another app.

YouTube Music: The Successor

Google Podcasts will bow out gracefully, making way for YouTube Music to assume the mantle. Google emphasizes a smooth transition to YouTube Music, especially for those already familiar with the app. The company assures users that Google Podcasts will function normally until March, providing a buffer period for migration.

  • User Assurance: Google Podcasts functional until March 2024.
  • Migration Grace Period: Users given until July 2024 to transition.

How to Migrate to YouTube Music

Embarking on the migration journey is a straightforward process facilitated by Google’s migration tool. For users in the US, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate Export: Click on ‘Export Subscription’ within Google Podcasts.
  2. Choose Destination:
    • Export to YouTube Music.
    • Export for another app.
  3. For YouTube Music:
    • Confirm email address.
    • Agree to ‘Adding RSS feeds.’
  4. Completion: Your podcasts are accessible at Library > Podcasts in YouTube Music.

Exploring Third-Party Alternatives

Opting for a third-party app is a viable choice for users with preferences beyond YouTube Music. Here’s how:

  1. Download Option: Click ‘Download’ on the ‘Export for another app’ page.
  2. OPML File: Downloaded file is in OPML format.
  3. Transfer Data: Open in a different app compatible with OPML files.

Wrapping Up: Embracing Change in the Podcasting Realm

In conclusion, the sun is setting on Google Podcasts, signaling a transformative phase for podcast enthusiasts. The migration options provided by Google, particularly to YouTube Music, aim to smoothen the transition. As users adapt to this change, the podcasting landscape evolves, and the future promises exciting possibilities.

The podcasting journey continues, and as Google Podcasts bows out, may users discover new horizons with the evolving podcasting ecosystem. Stay tuned for further updates in the dynamic world of digital audio content.

Expert Comment: “The discontinuation of Google Podcasts is a significant shift in the podcasting landscape. Users must act promptly to preserve their podcast libraries.”

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