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FIFINE USB Gaming Microphone Kit, Plug & Play for PC, PS4/5, 192 kHZ Condenser Cardioid Microphone Set with Mute Button, Volume Gain, RGB, Arm Stand, for Streaming, Discord, Twitch, Video, Youtube-A6T


Model Name Ampligame A6T
Connector Type USB
Connector Type USB

FIFINE USB Gaming Microphone: The plug-and-play gaming microphone set makes setup a breeze, with no additional plug-ins or complicated device setup required. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Mac/PS4/PS5, ensuring versatility for different gaming platforms. The reversible type-c interface of the streaming microphone eliminates the hassle of plugging it in the right way, even in dim gaming atmospheres. The 8.3ft (2.5m) USB cable provides ample length to extend from behind the host to the desktop, allowing for clear audio during gaming, singing, and recording sessions.

Enhance your gaming experience with the cool lighting design of this microphone. The two-tone automatic gradient RGB lighting adds a stylish touch, making your PC microphone visually appealing. The soft and coordinated light effects create a captivating rainbow effect during your game video or live streaming sessions. Stand out from the crowd with the eye-catching RGB lighting that complements your computer accessories and adds to the overall game atmosphere.

Enjoy easier function use with the intuitive design features of this microphone. The touch-mute button conveniently located on the top can be easily tapped with one hand, eliminating the need to hold the microphone to press a button. Quick mute functionality ensures that your Macbook computer keyboard operation remains unaffected and avoids any ticking sound. The large volume knob control at the bottom of the USB microphone allows for effortless fine-tuning, enabling you to adjust the boom mic volume without diverting your attention from the game screen.

Experience original sound reproduction with the upgraded USB condenser microphone capsule. The A6T microphone captures energetic and warm vocals, creating a sense of playing in the same room as your teammates. The cardioid polar pattern is highly sensitive to pick up voices from the front, making it ideal for tactical games where effective communication with teammates is crucial.

This microphone set includes effective accessories to enhance your gaming setup. The boom arm provides flexibility and allows you to position the microphone closer to your mouth for optimal use or fold it away to save space when not in use. The shock mount on the microphone reduces machine noises and vibrations, ensuring a clear audio recording experience during gaming. The external detachable pop filter reduces popping noises without obstructing your view of the computer game screen.

Elevate your gaming and streaming experience with the user-friendly features, impressive lighting design, original sound reproduction, and practical accessories of this gaming microphone set. Enjoy clear and immersive audio communication while enhancing your gaming atmosphere.