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Shure BETA 57A Supercardioid Dynamic Microhone with High Output Neodymium Element for Vocal/Instrument Applications


Brand Shure
Colour Silver
Polar Pattern Unidirectional
Item Weight 9.6 Ounces
Item Dimensions LxWxH 16.1 x 4.3 x 4.3 Centimeters
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Introducing our incredible microphone, designed to deliver studio-quality sound and exceptional performance for a variety of instruments and vocals. Here’s why it’s the perfect choice for you:

🎵 Tailored Frequency Response: Whether you’re playing drums, guitars, vocals, or horns, our microphone’s tailored frequency response ensures that you capture every nuance with studio-quality sound. Experience rich and detailed audio like never before!

🎤 Uniform Supercardioid Pattern: Say goodbye to unwanted feedback and off-axis sound interference. Our microphone features a uniform supercardioid pattern, allowing for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of unwanted sounds from the sides. Stay focused on your performance without any distractions!

💪 Hardened Steel Mesh Grille: We understand that durability is essential, especially for live performances and rigorous use. Our microphone is equipped with a hardened steel mesh grille that not only protects the internal components but also allows you to take advantage of the proximity effect for enhanced bass response. It’s built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

🔊 Neodymium Magnet: Enjoy a high signal-to-noise ratio and exceptional audio clarity. Our microphone incorporates a neodymium magnet that enhances the output, delivering clean and crisp sound reproduction with minimal background noise.

🔌 Minimally Affected by Varying Load Impedance: No matter the impedance of your audio equipment, our microphone performs consistently. It is minimally affected by varying load impedance, ensuring that you get consistent sound quality across different setups and devices.

Experience the difference with our microphone’s exceptional sound quality, reliable performance, and rugged construction. Whether you’re performing on stage, recording in the studio, or hosting live events, our microphone is your perfect companion. Elevate your audio experience today!